Art Works embraces the spirit of the Americans with Disability Act (ADA) in our commitment to assuring that all members of our community can participate as fully as possible in our arts events, programs, meetings, facilities and communications. Art Works is committed to ongoing evaluation of access provided and improvement of access and adaptive services. (LINK) Read AWE’s ADA Access Plan

Getting Around at AWE

Our facility is great for accessibility!  And we are planning improvements!

  • There are TWO designated accessible parking spots with van access aisle located immediately in front of the building entrance.
  • If you are getting a ride, it is possible to be dropped off right in front of the building within six feet of the building entrance.
  • There are THREE ADA compliant, private, single stall, gender neutral bathrooms on the main floor.
  • There are TWO large ADA compliant, multi-stall, gendered bathrooms on the second floor.  Both of those bathrooms have accessible stalls with ample room for side-transfer.
  • There is an elevator offering access to all levels within the main building.
  • All of our floor plans and pathways are appropriately sized for easy mobility throughout the building. Our modular and moveable displays and seating options allow for greater access.
  • The only grade difference in our facility is between the garage ceramics studio and the main building.  There are a few steps down to the garage, and there is currently no lift on the stairs.  There is an accessible pathway from the ceramics studio to the main facility outside.
  • Automatic door openers were installed on SEVEN of our doors in April 2019: two doors to enter the facility, two doors leaving the elevator landing on the second floor, as well as hallway door and both bathroom doors on the second floor.

We have identified some challenges here too!

  • Currently, our standard services for those with audio and/or speech impairments are under developed. We hope to develop services for consistent ASL interpretation, audio description and assistive listening systems as soon as there is an expressed need for these services.We are an entirely volunteer-run organization with limited resources and time, and we need help directing our efforts towards developing accessibility services that will benefit the most people with every dollar.
  • We also know that your personal experience here is priceless and that there isn’t anyone just like you!  While getting the most bang for the buck is a common priority when developing programs, sometimes we choose to impact a few people deeply rather than be a blip on one million radars.
  • What accommodations are important to you?  What would make your participation at Art Works full and without boundaries? Tell us about it!

Request an Accommodation

Art Works has already implemented this access support as a standard service. Art Works is ready to step up our game! All you have to do is ask!
Art Works is developing support mechanisms for access in these areas. Tell us what you need, and we will make every effort to make your experience at AWE as full as possible. We hope to track and document requests so that we can further improve our future access plans. These systems are not currently standard, but perhaps with notice, we could make it work for you this time/every time! With demonstrated demand, we would move toward making some or all of these accommodations available as a standard.
Please note that Art Works will make every effort to honor requests.
Tell us how to be of service, and we will do our very best.