Art Works realizes that when we postponed and rescheduled our virtual Art Sale, we failed to communicate clearly why that was necessary, and we wish to do so now. We unequivocally stand with everyone in our community who believes Black Lives Matter and all those working toward racial justice.

We know that many of you, along with our board members, volunteers, and studio members, are doing this work, and we want to acknowledge its importance and urgency. We do this in the spirit of highlighting that working for racial justice is and should be ongoing. We are committed to challenging ourselves and our community to continue this work, and to avoid the very human pitfall of virtue signaling, i.e. expressing opinions to simply garner praise, rather than doing actual work.

Art Works stands for equity and inclusivity, and we will continue to work hard to manifest our vision for our community. We hope you will continue to join us in realizing that vision.


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