Nonprofit work can be very difficult. There is so much work to be done, and there are significant demands that divert attention from the mission. For ages, our facility was vacant, before it was our home. There is a lot of love and care it requires from the nonprofit organization and our community of friends. We are in a constant state of transformation…

This transformation was made possible by our new friend, Victor Botler. His company saw a need and stepped up to support us, to help us transform. It looks like a brand new building, just because it is clean. We are so appreciative to Advanced Roof and Exterior Cleaning for this gift. We hope you will all consider doing your business with the businesses that support the givers all around you. We can only do what we do here at Art Works with the generosity of our greater community. We are in love with our transformed facility…thanks to Victor and his team!

Exterior facade cleaning by Advanced Roof and Exterior Cleaning
Our introduction to Victor Botler came to us through our relationships made via Eagan Rotary Clubs…connect through your community and #ServiceAboveSelf through Rotary.
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