• Upcoming program Cycle 3 will feature the work of creative Hmong people with a connection to Minnesota. The work need not be focused on traditional Hmong themes, but it may. The work need not be a commentary in any way of the artists’ experience as it directly relates to being Hmong, but it may. Cultural heritage is a defining force for many people, but it is certainly not the only defining force. Guest curator Katherina Vang challenged artists to think about how each became the artist that they are, and express independent voice beyond Hmong roots. Art Works seeks to present an exhibit that highlights the unique perspectives of being Hmong while revealing universal commonalities beyond cultural, faith and geographic influences.
  • Art Exhibition Opening events are ALWAYS FREE! Come and meet artists and talk with them about the creative process.
  • Performances curated by (LINK) Center for Hmong Arts and Talent 7:00-8:30 p.m.
  • Featured performers include: Celestial Paladins – Cultural dance
    Lor Chang – Hmong and pop cover songs
    Enzyrose – Hip hop rap
    Lewiee Blaze – Hip hop inspirational rap
    Alicia Thao – Indie rock
    Keng Chris Yang – Guitar and indie rock
  • Purchase event tickets $8-$10 (LINK) here.

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